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CF Castings have produced a sample of our completed work below. Click to view our latestportfolio,gallerys:

  • Manor House, Stocksfield- Several moulds made of individual flowers, hundreds of replacements made and fitted ranging from 35mm to 150mm. Made-good badly damaged ceiling rose.

  • Consett Town House- Existing cornice copied, (templates and moulds required due to design), before removal of damaged ceiling. After ceiling was replaced, cornice was reconstructed in parts using traditional methods.

  • Wallsend Town House- Due to en-suite being added, a template was made of existing cornice to bedroom. Cornice was re-run using traditional hand run methods and refitted to en-suite.

  • Ashbrooke Sunderland- Due to water-damage, moulds were made of enrichments and replaced with new where necessary.

  • Chapel Middleton-in-Teesdale- Several templates made of paneling and cornice plus mould made of decorative design. Replacements hand run, re-cast and refitted.

  • Priory Hall Durham Catherdral - Due to water-damage, mould made of enrichments (centuries old) these were recast and refitted. Plus paneling restored.

  • Recent Renovations- Durham Cathedral Library, Richmond Station (Main Contractor-Thomas Armstrong), Queens Art Centre-Hexham, also properties restored in Barnard Castle, Jesmond, Fenham, Sunderland plus many more.

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